At Cosmoway – Full-service cosmetics manufacturer –
we are committed to sustainability as we strongly believe
it is the key to a better future for everyone. We care about preserving
nature and want to leave it untouched or even cleaner for future generations.
Here are six ways we contribute to sustainability:

Cosmoway Sustainability

100% renewable

We are proud to state that all electricity we use at Cosmoway
during cosmetics development and manufacturing process is generated from
renewable sources such as wind farms and solar power plants.

A solar power

We decided to be one-step ahead in using renewable electricity.
In the near future, we will install a 171kW solar power plant
as part of a project supported by the European Union.
Installing the solar power plant will enable Cosmoway to generate clean
and renewable energy, which will enhance its competitiveness
and help achieve sustainable development goals.

Use of recycled and recyclable
packaging for cosmetics:

We use recycled or recyclable cosmetic product packaging and
containers for our customers and our own brands. We aim to increase
the use of dispensers without metal spiral mechanisms. We use only
recycable cardboard for shipments of cosmetic products. We recycle all
waste generated in the production process responsibly and dispose of
non-recyclable waste according to applicable procedures.

Reducing our CO2

Gas-fired equipment are to be replaced with air-to-water and air-to-air
heat pumps as part of a project supported by the European Union.
These pumps will reduce greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide)
emissions and reduce the amount of fossil fuels used in our
cosmetics production process and heating of the factory premises.

cosmetics business:

We apply sustainable cosmetics business principles to everything we do,
from sourcing suppliers to arranging production. We constantly review
and optimize our cosmetics production process to make it as efficient,
cost-effective, and environmentally friendly as possible. We carefully
select suppliers and partners who meet the highest environmental
standards and the principles of fair production and business.

Consultation and

We regularly consult with stock suppliers, packaging producers, and
external partners on environmental and recycling topics. We also
actively participate in sustainability seminars and trainings to
broaden our knowledge base, which we continuously apply in all
Cosmoway activities.

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