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Eglė Čapkauskė

Entrust your vision to our R&D team. We will take care of the entire process, from purifying the initial idea to delivering the final sample that you absolutely love. Our Quality Assurance team meticulously guides the process through every step into the product we are all confident in. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the […]

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Iain Mackay

Before it’s a product, it’s a process. I believe in a fully transparent project management approach to any project we take on. Following aligned steps and pre-agreed timings will always lead to the best possible outcome and product for all parties involved. Iain Mackay Commercial Director

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Laimantas Pleikys

We collaborate with suppliers who share our values and objectives, meet our quality requirements, and adapt quickly to the ever-changing demands of our production process. We prioritize flexibility above all. We hold our suppliers to the same high standards that we hold ourselves to, as only by working with top-notch suppliers can we achieve our

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Nerijus Dubosas

If you want to stand, you have to walk; if you want to walk, you have to run; if you want to run… In this constantly evolving world, the workers are the ones operating the robots and innovative machines. Manufacturing is a living organism where everything must function smoothly and flawlessly, which is why the

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